Collection: Blue Micro-Crystal

   Ben Owen Pottery developed the Micro-Crystal Glaze series over several years, manipulating materials with the potential to create unique surfaces and patterns that can be seen in nature.  Some outcomes resemble lichen on stone or mold growth on wood.  Other Micro-Crystal Glazes render scenes similar to blue jellyfish floating in still blue waters, a view of a collection of cells through a microscope, or the majestic nebular formations telescopic images portray.  To achieve this rare find, the kiln temperature is meticulously controlled as it rises AND as it falls, to encourage micro-crystal growth at specific temperatures and render this stunning final product.  The glaze is applied by carefully airbrushing multiple layers of complementary glazes.  The presence of titanium- and zinc-rich ingredients promotes crystal development, while various pigments tint the crystals.  We hope you enjoy this one-of-a-kind glaze!

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