Collection: Ben Owen Sr (1904-1983)

Vintage works made by Ben Owen Sr. between 1923-1972
Ben Owen Sr. was hired in 1923 as the second known potter to work at the newly built Jugtown Pottery.  He was born in 1904, son of potter Rufus Owen. Ben also learned to turn in his father’s shop.   In 1932, Ben became the sole potter at Jugtown. A willing and skilled young turner, Ben produced masterful pottery for over thirty-six years, experimenting with many extraordinary forms under the guidance of the Busbees. He traveled with the Busbees to museums and socials, researching different styles of pottery from around the world. Many sketches and photos were taken to use for further study.  He would return to the pottery near Seagrove filled with new inspirations. The Asian and Middle-Eastern influences of pottery played a key role in the foundation of a Jugtown style.  Works made from 1959-1972 were made at Old Plank Road Pottery, Ben Owen Pottery today, and stamped Ben Owen Master Potter.  Ben retired shortly after 1972 due to health issues and advanced arthritis.  His son Ben Wade Owen Jr, and grandson, Ben Owen III continued the business in the early 1980s.
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  • Rice Bowl in Jade, 5.5"dia. (Ben Owen III)
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